Wednesday, July 20, 2016

I Am the Revolution!

Peeking in. . . .

Hello again.

Didn't really mean to drop in unexpected and/or uninvited, but well, deal with it.

I've been off on a sabbatical, timeout, vacation, or any other amusing reference you might desire to attach to my abrupt but publicized leave-taking of social media shit.

I have read immensely more. I have prayed more. I have knitted more, and laughed more, giggled uncontrollably for extended moments in time captured in my heart and laid aside for those dreary days that pop up here and there.

I have found my husband to be my best friend once again, which he always was, but gave way in quiet knowing to my love affair with my own written word and my insanely silly belief that someone cared what the fuck I had to say.

I cared. Was that not enough?


For I was that proverbial fraud who claims they don't give a fuck when I of course gave the most massive fuck of all.

Validate me I screamed. I will not relent until you admit that I was right all along, and you were and are miserably wrong-headed and probably can't be trusted to get the "no pulp" orange juice except through a  pre-arranged call to the supermarket to alert them that you are coming.

Finally I asked, explain to who? or whom? shit I don't give a fuck about which one surely.

Well, the meds are kicking in, (the spiritual ones I've been watering assiduously for a month or more), and I'm not giving a fuck pretty good these days.

I watch maybe thirty minutes of the circus known as politics and then I say, "I really don't give a fuck," and find a baseball game. I'm up on both Arrieta's ERA and Noah Syndergaard's. That's something to give a fuck about I gotta say.

I'm finally sailing toward a pair of socks that I made with my own two hands.

I'm an ensconced at lane six at the pool as the first morning's swimmer from end to end.

I learned how to cook a few more dishes.

I've enjoyed pizza a number of times,

Parker thinks I'm way funner to be around since I'm not arguing any more with stupid people that I truly don't really give a fuck about anyway. I mean there is a FREAKIN' REASON why neither you or I bothered to look each other up for 45 YEARS ya know. So the, "hey you have 14 grandchildren do you?" has worn it's welcome out through the house and out the back door. See ya on the backside as they say.

Anyway, if you wanna read a really really good post on not giving a fuck and which explains me better than I can explain me, read forth.



  1. Oh no. I haven't taken a break from the net because I've convinced myself that life without it would be worse.

    You're destroying my cognitive dissonance.

    1. hahha, well, that is my main joy in life...screwing up everyone's an exchange...I get sane, you get....well...keep truckin...

  2. It's nice to read you again.
    I don't give a fuck about baseball, but I can still manage an hour of political coverage, pundits preferred. I'm glad you're well!
    I do so miss your wit and honesty at the other place, but I am so happy you're living happily! :)

  3. this is a great piece that I enjoyed and related to. sad that you are not writing, and will not read this comment, but know that I did enjoy

  4. Hi Sherry, miss you on Facebook and here too. Glad you are enjoying your offline life so much. I feel as if I have to be a part of the "Resistance" as much as possible but totally understand why you may feel differently. Who knows if anything we ever say or write makes any difference. We probably are just preaching to the choir. I just hope the GOP will finally realize they hitched themselves to a disaster and repudiate the monster in the White House. Fingers crossed. In the meantime keep knitting, cooking and swimming, and enjoy!


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